GCEE: Ensuring Excellence At Every Step of the Education Process

Global Centre of Education Excellence (GCEE) is committed to introducing the best practices in teaching and learning in GSF schools, thereby promoting a culture where continuous quality improvement is encouraged

Redefining the Benchmark for Global Education Excellence

Established in 2008, GCEE is committed to institutionalising global quality standards in education by monitoring, analysing and improving the standard of teaching and learning in GSF schools. 

Based on the Global Education Excellence Model, GCEE brings the best of Deming and EFQM models and the Malcolm Baldrige criteria, and functions as a research and development centre of GSF.

A Glimpse into the Diverse GCEE Initiatives

GCEE has been doing a great job since its inception, bringing the best practices and innovation in our schools. The organisation aims to positively shape the educational  journey of future generations by ensuring continuous improvement in how teaching and learning take place in the classroom.

Global Excellence Day

This is an annual day to celebrate our students’ extraordinary contributions. Our students’ showcase their commitment to excellence through Best Practice presentations during this event.

Quality Policy

Based on inputs from stakeholder satisfaction surveys, GCEE implements appropriate quality policy and procedures at all GSF campuses while ensuring that its quality guidelines are adhered to at all times

Inter-School Competitions

GCEE organises collaboration-based competitions, encouraging students to demonstrate their shared values, skills and teamwork to achieve excellence in several aspects of education.

Total Quality Management

GCEE embraces a quality-centric culture, pursues excellence and focuses on continuous quality improvement with the aim of ensuring flexibility and efficiency of all processes across GSF campuses.

Environmental Conservation

GCEE focuses on reducing the carbon footprint in GSF schools by finding ways to decrease energy consumption, improve energy efficiency and adopt carbon-offsetting approaches.

Regular Training

The GCEE team supports the introduction of new school brands in the GSF chain through regular training and audit, helping them earn the necessary certifications including the certifications for ISO standards.

Technology Adoption

GCEE adopts innovative technologies to make its operations smoother. It has adopted a quality management software to efficiently handle its processes such as document control, audit and supplier management and corrective and preventive action (CAPA) management.


Sustainability is a key area of focus for the GCEE. Besides aligning all activities to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs), the organisation also seeks to incorporate sustainability concepts in the curriculum as well.