Vision, Mission, Core Values and Objectives

We Are Paving The Way To A Better Future

Mr. Atul Temurnikar


A Word from Our Chairman


We are Global Schools Foundation.

As a not-for-profit platform, we recognise the importance of education and creativity in our day-to-day lives. In that spirit, we believe that anyone can flourish when all they need is to be given the accessibility and opportunity to achieve them.

Here at Global Schools Foundation, we are committed to empowering communities around the world that encompasses different areas of initiative including providing accessibility to quality education, research in IT and how it helps in education and academics, thought leadership programmes, innovation in and out of tech, research on health and sports data amongst youths, and more.

One of the many initiatives that the Global Schools Foundation have been passionately supporting is the Global Schools Group. With a network of international schools that span across the world – with over 70 campuses in 12 countries, we are happy to see that we can provide quality education to students globally. We measure the success of these supported initiatives with our proprietary 7S Analysis metric which are the overall School campus scoring, Subjects covered, Segment demographics, Section for spaces of learning, Student’s performance, Subject Teachers and other Statistics.

As we continue to find new ways to be a platform and give back to the communities across the world, we hope that Global Schools Foundation continues to see success in all of our past, ongoing and future collaborations.

Our Vision

We envision ourselves as a global advocate for the pursuit of learning excellence. We are creating a network of global teachers, learners and innovators to collaborate and continue with us on this life-long journey of continued enrichment.

Our Mission

In-line with our vision of being an advocate for the pursuit of learning excellence, our mission encompasses 3 main factors:

We support big ideas

By giving them a platform or foundation to build on from the start of the project to fruition

We inspire talents

By providing globally-recognised programmes and opportunities that encourage them to hone their skills further

We celebrate innovations

By giving them the spotlight to explore their inventive nature and an outlet for their creativity to shine