Global Indian Cultural Centre: Spreading and sharing the aura of the rich Indian art, culture and tradition

A place where the Indian culture and traditions are not just appreciated, but are meant to enrich the lives of students and their families

A 22-Year Old Cultural Centre Offering Well-Structured Cultural Courses

Global Indian Cultural Centre (GICC) is a non-profit wing of the Global Indian Foundation, playing a major role in inspiring students and families to explore India’s tradition, art and culture and to participate in spreading India’s cultural aura across other cultures.

The centre offers diverse cultural programmes, allowing aspirants to enjoy their artistic pursuits and upskill themselves in their chosen fields of art so as to have a fulfilling career ahead.

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What do the GICC have to offer to art aspirants?

One of the best initiatives of the acclaimed Global Indian Foundation, noted for its chain of top international schools across 5 countries, the GICC:

Enables the Indian diaspora in Singapore to remain connected to Indian culture

Offers well-structured cultural courses

Allows students to upskill themselves in fields that they feel passionate about

Offers diverse workshops and classes related to visual and performing arts, personality development and lingual art

Aids in the development of 21st century skills including programming, coding and culinary art

Organises socio-cultural activities that seek to achieve cultural integration with local communities in Singapore

Courses Offered by the GICC

GICC is a popular name in Singapore’s community and highly recognised for its cultural courses and events. From offering programmes on arts, skill-building, theatre and sports to delivering courses on Yoga including Hatha Yoga to training aspirants on Bharatnatyam, the Indian keyboard and Bollywood dance, the centre seeks to bring enrichment in the lives of many students who have a special talent to display and enrich further.

Performing Arts

Carnatic Vocal Music

We have framed a well-defined eight-year traditional south Indian classical music programme in place, which allows future vocalists to hone their skills.

Hindustani Vocal Music

A detailed eight-year syllabus for Hindustani Vocal music enables students to pursue their passion of becoming a vocalist in their later lives.

The Art Class

This combines contemporary thoughts and approaches to art education with the main goal being helping students develop a proper understanding of themselves.


We offer a comprehensive yoga programme, allowing students to not only connect with the Indian tradition, but also to focus on their wellbeing.


This is a great initiative to educate our students on the importance and the values of the Hindu culture, allowing children to inculcate the good values of Hinduism.

Language Programmes

Language programmes offered at the centre include detailed courses and regular assessments. We focus on developing the writing as well as the conversational skills of learners.

SIP Abacus Programme

A unique combination of the eastern Abacus method and the Brain Gym exercises practised in the Western world, SIP Abacus seeks to enhance the mathematical ability of children.

Sports & Games


Students get the best opportunity to get trained by experienced coaches and participate in matches including international school tournaments.


The centre offers comprehensive tennis courses, helping students acquire the skills and techniques they need to succeed in competitions.

Events and Programmes

GICC organises several events annually, promoting participation of students  in Singapore’s renowned competitions and programmes.


Utsav and Tarang are the annual day celebrations of the Queenstown and East Coast campuses, respectively. Students showcase their vibrant performances based on diverse cultural themes every year at these events.


GICC students participate in Thyagaraja Aradhana, a programme organised to honour the contributions of Saint Thyagaraja, a great musician of Carnatic music.


Celebrating the birth anniversary of Siva Punya Gana Mani Brahmashri Papanasam Sivan every year, GICC collaborates with Sivan Fine Arts Academy and organises music and dance competitions on songs of Papanasam Sivan.


The centre organises Vikayadashmi Puja every year and the performing arts teachers lead the programmes. Following a prayer, every student is taught a new lesson in Gurukul style.


Several community centres have involved GICC students to participate at lunar year celebrations, giving them the chance to showcase the rich Indian cultural heritage.


GICC students deliver temple performances during Navratri, and these cultural performances form a major part of their learning journey.


GICC students have secured top spots in the junior and senior categories of Bharatham, recognised as one of the most noted Bharatanatyam competitions in Singapore.

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