Access to World-Class Education At Our Member Schools

The Global Schools Group is an initiative of the internationally-acclaimed Global Schools Foundation to make premium quality education available to all learners across diverse geographies

Global Schools Group (GSG): A Prestigious Network of 12 International Schools

With the GSG initiative, we, at the Global Schools Foundation, have brought world-class education to learners across the world, helping them to shape a global career in their later years.

The GSG Network of Schools: A 22-Year Legacy of Delivering World-Class K-12 education

The GSG includes a network of 12 international schools that are owned and professionally managed by the Group, ensuring that today’s learners across the globe get the best quality education and establish a strong career in a global, multicultural setting.

Schools Across Borders: The Idea of Global Citizenship

We operate 12 international school brands and 65 campuses across India, Malaysia, Cambodia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, the Philippines and the United Kingdom.

Smartlearn: A Platform that Brings Students, Teachers and Parents Under One Umbrella


Smartlearn is an AI-powered application that keeps a record of a student’s progress and makes it available for review by parents, teachers and the students themselves.


Students also gain access to teacher-uploaded resources that are systematically organised into relevant categories to facilitate smoother access. Some of these resources may be documents and audio and video recordings.


The app allows for the creation of diverse groups by different stakeholders for specific reasons such as providing course guidance or delivering course updates.


The school counsellor can get in touch with parents to deliver important updates on various student welfare programmes including mental healthcare programmes.


The app can be used as a Help Desk to enquire about non-academic problems related to fee payments, publications, books and admissions.

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