GSF Schools: Growing While Respecting the Limits of Green Living

Our schools adopt the go-green ideology and spread it through their strongest ambassadors - their students

Sustainability and Green Living at GSF Schools

All GSF schools around the globe have made conscious efforts to instill the ideology of green living and sustainability in their learning environments. All our operations, policies and curriculum are based on the best practices of sustainability, which in turn, teach our students the importance of adopting a responsible lifestyle. 

Our schools don’t just focus on reducing the carbon footprint and limiting the waste generated at the campuses by embracing the 3Rs of green living – reduce, reuse and recycle, but  they also deploy various energy-efficient processes, including the use of renewable energy sources and sustainable materials to demonstrate their commitment to ensuring a green way of life at the campuses.

The Green Initiatives Across GSF Schools

GRI, one of the world’s highly recognised sustainability reporting standards, is adopted at our schools. Besides, our environment and natural resource conservation initiatives are also based on global standards, such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) and the Paris Agreement on climate change.

Green Buildings

Our campuses feature green buildings designed on the principles of energy efficiency and come equipped with renewable energy resources.

Water Conservation

Our schools feature water conservation infrastructure such as water recycling, rain water investing and sewage treatment plants.


Our beautifully-landscaped school gardens are spots where our students learn to appreciate the natural world and grow their own food.

Waste Reduction

Not only do we measure the waste produced by our schools, we also undertake e-waste recycling projects as well as initiatives to reduce food and paper waste.

Carbon Footprint Calculation

We assess the carbon footprint at the GSF schools with a view to reduce our carbon emissions and find ways to do so.

Energy Conservation

We regulate energy use in our campuses. Our SMART campus features a system that manages the lights, ventilation, air conditioners and water management of the campus.

Environmental Stewardship

We nurture our students to help them evolve as knowledgeable individuals who not only care for the environment, but also adopt a sustainable lifestyle.

Community Engagement

We involve parents and communities in activities such as recycling initiatives, charity runs, nature trails and sports to spread awareness about nature conservation.