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Transformative Learning
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Our world-class digital campuses ensure learning is fun, interactive and with better outcomes

Curricula offered in GSF Schools

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All curriculum in our schools are engaging, relevant, challenging & significant for learners.

These schools offer all these and more:


Relevant and Engaging Curricula that Foster Love For Lifelong Learning

One World International School provides a compassionate and intimate environment for students from early childhood to secondary grades. The school strives for personal growth and academic excellence for all members of the community.

Our schools ensure that they deploy the latest learning tools that make learning interactive and engaging while allowing our students to recognise their true potential and key interest areas.

We encourage our students to play, explore, ask questions and discover. This approach generates a highly-rewarding experience that promotes the joy of learning.

Pedagogical Framework Across GSF Schools

The varied curricula offered by different schools in the GSF network is backed by a common pedagogical framework that is based on some of the world’s leading teaching and learning methodologies that promote holistic development. All teachers employed by the GSF schools are well-acquainted with our pedagogical framework and they can instil a fun and engaging learning environment, ensuring that every child feels cared for. 

Our pedagogical framework is based on two key ideologies:

Character Development

We, at GSF, aim to help our students develop into empathetic and global citizens who have the ability to create a golden future for themselves and for others.

Our teachers strive to inculcate the values of acceptance, tolerance, empathy and unity in diversity in our students, which goes a long way to help them gain a thorough understanding of diverse cultures, appreciate diversities, consider different perspectives for decision making, develop strong communication and collaboration skills and establish a successful global career.

All these work wonders to help our students build strong relationships at home, at school and at every ecosystem that will be part of.

Competence Development

Competence development lies at the core of whatever initiatives we undertake at our school. Our programmes are designed to help students reach their full potential and identify their special interests and talents.

This further strengthens their competency to fit and thrive in a constantly-evolving globalised world that has manifold opportunities to offer to those who are competent enough to capitalise them optimally.

Besides providing a solid base for learning, we encourage creativity and innovation in all activities that we organise, allowing our students to hone their critical thinking skills and develop 21st century skills that make them competent to face real-world challenges.