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History and Key Milestones

A two-decade journey in education excellence to nurture global citizens

GSF History

With a single-minded vision to provide high-quality education to all students, Global Schools Foundation (GSF) established its first school in Mount Sophia, Singapore, in the year 2002.

Since then, GSF has made significant headway with the inception of 9 international schools in 35 campuses across Asia under its aegis.

The idea behind GSF’s vision was to impart world-class education to deserving students from different walks of life and to cultivate and nurture their young minds. The foundation has completed 20 exemplary years while achieving international recognition for its excellence in school education.

Key Milestones

GSF establishes its first Global Indian International School (GIIS) in Mount Sophia, Singapore
GSF opens two more campuses in Malaysia and Japan and two campuses in Singapore to serve the needs of Indian expats across Asia
Opens its first campus in Thailand and its first campus in India
Opens its third campus in Singapore and expands into Vietnam and Malaysia
Establishes the Global Centre for Educational Excellence (GCEE) to monitor, analyse and improve the quality of teaching and learning methods for Global Indian International School.
Opens its first campus in the Middle East, Dubai, making GSF a global group of institutions
Acquires “One World International School” (OWIS) with a vision to provide high-quality international education
GSF starts its second OWIS campus in the east of Singapore at Mountbatten
GSF gets into a strategic partnership with Nottingham High School in Waverly Mount, Nottingham
GSF enters into a strategic partnership with Dwight IB World School in Seoul