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Chairman's Message

Mr. Atul Temurnikar
Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Global Schools Foundation


Welcome to the Global Schools Foundation. ‍

Millions of students around the world crave quality education – an education that will be a springboard for their brighter future. Many of these young and enthusiastic individuals have the capabilities and drive to reach for the stars but may not have the means to reach their full potential.

Global Schools Foundation is the answer to their dilemma. GSF believes that no child should be left behind or deprived of the opportunities to excel in life. The inception of GSF was with a single vision in mind: providing quality education to millions to give them an equal chance at success. Our central focus is to ensure that deserving students get the right kind of opportunities and platforms to excel. ‍

Our network of international schools – One World International School, Global Indian International School, Dwight International, Harrods International Academy, Regent International School, Glendale International School and Vikaasa Group of Schools – have been at the forefront in providing the best education at the most moderate fee range. Nearly 63,000 students from 70 different nationalities study at these schools and nurture their potential in the proper manner to make them well-rounded global citizens.

GSF pedagogy is a thriving example of a well-rounded education, skills-based education and ethics-based education to nurture a generation of capable individuals into citizens of the future.‍

“Our team of experienced, passionate and dedicated teachers have the knowledge and expertise to nurture our students into individuals who are lifelong learners with an awareness of their responsibilities.”

As a young and enthusiastic institution, we are buzzing with new ideas and a futuristic thought process to bring about valuable changes in the field of education. It aims to integrate and implement innovative methodologies to promote and amplify teaching and learning approaches that have resonated as best practices in education across the world. The team is also ever-ready to ideate and brainstorm on how best to ensure education continuity that will weather against storms and calamities, not unlike the recent Covid-19 pandemic. ‍

In the past two decades, our one small step to provide education to those who need it has led us into a lifelong journey of imparting 21st-century skills to younger generations with bigger aspirations. What started with one international school in Singapore and has grown to a family of reputed brands of international schools which efficiently run these educational institutions in three different continents, 11 different countries.‍

All our campuses – in Singapore, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Cambodia, The Philippines, Thailand, India, the UAE, Saudi Arabia or The United Kingdom – have a wealth of educational expertise that stems from local experiences and experimentation. Teachers, non-teaching faculty and staff have made systems and processes their DNA and know what our stakeholders want. That is the reason why we are the most awarded institution in education with 500 awards and counting.‍

This is a big achievement for us. But, we do not believe in sitting on our laurels. Instead, we are constantly on the lookout for newer avenues and innovative ideas on improving the way education is delivered for the maximum benefit of students. The dynamic exchange of ideas and the intellect and knowledge base of our team has led to some brilliant outcomes so far. ‍

Our success lies not in achieving a single goal but rather constantly trying to become better and better through consistent and strategic efforts.

“We are sure that the more we put our minds together, the more we will come up with ways to strengthen our foundation and pedagogy and ensure that we will continue to walk the road of excellence at every stage of our evolution.”